Princeton Academy of Art (PAA) offers both in-person and online study to students around the globe. At the start of the pandemic, PAA faculty and staff worked overtime re-imagining the core structure of the Academy to ensure the continuity of high quality training during extremely difficult times.

With the use of high-end student portal software, the transition to online learning for many became a preference. AsĀ  classes slowly return in-person, PAA will continue to offer online study as an option for those who are not able to begin in-person, and for those interested in studying at the Academy while abroad.

All Princeton Academy of Art day courses will be available in an integrated format meaning that all classes can be conducted online, in-person or both. PAA’s integrated class structure offers students the option to stay home, yet not miss out on important assignments and information. It also allows the Academy to continue offering courses to many new faces from around the world.

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