We have organized a scholarship fund to give two high school graduates the opportunity to receive full financial aid to attend Princeton Academy of Art for the 2020-2021 Academic year. This fund will also cover the cost of all supply fees for the first year as well as their first month, last month, and security deposit for housing up to a price of $3,000 to help get them settled here in Princeton while looking for work.

Through our research we have discovered a serious lack of opportunities available for students to obtain grants, loans and traditional financial aid to attend non-credit art institutions. Though the level education a student will receive at this type of institution is exceptional, most lenders do not support the pursuit of non-credit programs.

There are many young artists graduating high school hoping to attend an art atelier or Academy focusing in classical realism who are saddened to learn that their dream cannot become reality. They have a specific goal, ambition and are ready to succeed but cannot handle the financial burden on their own.

Please consider donating to this fund to give hope to young artists struggling without support. Your kind donation to this fund allows us to give them the highest level of education possible in the field of contemporary realism.

Please email ” ” for more information or to receive the link to apply.

*In the event that the Academic year begins without us reaching our goal, funds will be used to aid other financially disadvantaged students who are not recent high school graduates.*