Pre-Academy (PRECAD) @ 10 Nassau St (Weekday)

with Aya Gandolfo


Pre-Academy Program (PRECAD)

ages 7-14

The same program you love, one hour shorter!

Our esteemed program offers a comprehensive and engaging classical drawing and painting curriculum for children ages 7 to 14. We combine technical training with hands-on projects, ensuring your child acquires a strong foundation in traditional techniques and gains the skills necessary to become a successful creative.

The course is a carefully structured blend of rigorous instruction and compositional projects. By working to master these skills at a young age, students will effectively improve their graphomotor skills and retain this knowledge into adulthood.

Our program is designed to do more than produce finished artworks; we cultivate your child's creativity and self-expression while exposing them to the rich and varied history of art. 

Complementing the technical training in drawing and painting, we introduce your child to diverse facets of art history likely unfamiliar to them. Our in-depth art lectures broaden their understanding of the global scale of historical art.

Princeton Academy of Art 10 NASSAU

10 Nassau St Suite 23 (FL 2)
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Room: Suite 23