Preparing an art portfolio for college/gallery admissions is a lengthy, and often stressful process. Our courses help students to create well rounded portfolios whether they are applying for college or working on gallery submissions. Our program will help to understand this process in depth.


Our college portfolio preparation courses are designed to give you a well rounded body of work that has its base in technical skill. We focus on teaching strong drawing and painting skills while encouraging students to place themselves creatively in their work to produce a unique portfolio.

These courses require students to participate in classes that our academy already provides for adult students such as landscape, figure drawing, cast drawing and portraiture to ensure that their breadth of knowledge in classical forms is vast. Once the students have created successful works in these courses they will begin to apply the same knowledge learned to their own imaginative works.

We provide students with college seminars to familiarize them with their application options.

2 year program:

First Year:

Students will participate in 4 adult courses over the span of a year.

  • Cast Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Still Life
  • Portraiture

Students will begin to understand the core concepts behind successful master works. Following the same curriculum as our adult students, our college portfolio preparation students will develop their observational skills and understanding of spatial concepts through a methodological application of various materials. They will learn precise systems and strategies developed during the Renaissance and beyond.

Second Year:

Students will apply the knowledge they have gained during the first year to their own creative works with advising and help from our experienced instructors.

1 Year program:

The one year college portfolio preparation course is designed for students already trained and capable of completing 10 pieces in the duration of one academic year.

Students should already have some of their portfolio completed before applying to this program.

Students will receive guidance with which pieces to submit, omit and rework with help from our experienced instructors.

Our gallery submission course is designed for students currently enrolled at Princeton Academy of Art.

This supplementary course will aid our students in preparing well thought out and revised cover letters, artist statements, bios, CV/resumes and images.

Students will be instructed on the best ways to attain clear images of their work whether they decide to have it done professionally or do it themselves.

Today’s art market is fast growing and always changing. We aim to prepare our students with the most contemporary knowledge of portfolio preparation they can receive in order to submit their highest quality work both on paper and digitally.