” PAA is one of the best art schools/ateliers in the world for artists who want to become serious professionals.

I’m a full time student and I’ve learned more in one year here than anywhere else I’ve studied. The school community is very international and that makes class critiques well rounded. I really enjoy all of the different perspectives my peers add.

It’s exciting to be able to take a course with the school’s Director and Founder. Anna is patient and down to earth but wildly knowledgeable in both art history and contemporary practice. Her portrait painting master copy class has taught me a lot about applying what the old masters practiced to my own work (which is pretty much the goal of most people studying realism).

Very grateful to have met her and to be enrolled full time here. Princeton as a town is great too! I moved here from GA to study and couldn’t be happier.”

  • Tate Winston Anthony, Current PAA Student

“Intelligent art classes for adults, focusing on representational art, in the Russian academic tradition. I’ve been studying at Princeton Academy of Art for two years and have been amazed at the progress I’ve seen in my classmates’ and my own artistic skills. The key difference between Princeton Academy of Art and other, more casual, art classes, is that they teach us how to think as artists. If you’ve ever had the experience of creating a painting or drawing and thinking, “This doesn’t work, but I don’t know why,” the Princeton Academy of Art could be the answer for you. Princeton Academy of Art teaches the foundational skills, strategies, and approaches that contemporary artists need to create compelling representational art. The instructors care deeply about helping each student develop as an artist, recognizing and supporting individual strengths and styles. Students range from absolute beginners to professional artists who were trained in more conceptual approaches but want to expand their repertoire. We draw and paint from plaster casts, classic old masters’ works, and especially (my favorite!) live models. There are classes in portrait and figure drawing and painting, still life, and landscape. The atmosphere is serious but supportive and fun. Highly, highly recommended.”

  • Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Current PAA Student

“I’m an artist that was looking to attend a workshop or two at the academy. After a single workshop I was hooked. The Russian academic approach that Princeton Academy of Art follows is so refreshing and lively. I learned how to analyze form from the inside out instead of only seeing form tonally. It was an eye opening experience and I feel I can use what I’ve learned prior in conjunction with these new skills and really improve my work. I will definitely be back!”

  • Jessica McConnell, PAA Part-time Alumni

“I’ve been studying at Princeton Academy of Art with Anna Neis for 6 months and have already learned an exceptional amount. Refining my technical skills while studying art history has been a successful approach to understanding drawing and painting.

I’ve met very special people in a nice and warm environment.

From Sept 15th-24th I participated in a 10 day master class at the academy with Gilberto Geraldo. It was a fantastic experience. Gilberto was an inspired teacher and gave very constructive critiques.

The processes I’ve been studying at the academy were emphasized greatly during the workshop.”

  • Clarisse Stone, Current PAA Student