Welcome to Princeton Academy of Art’s online courses page! All Princeton Academy of Art classes have moved online in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Online courses are now available to distance learning students interested in the classical disciplines of drawing and painting. Using a combination of our student portal and the most advanced video conferencing technology in the world, Princeton Academy of Art offers you the at-home distance learning art education that you have been searching for.

We provide our distance learning Academy students with the same information that has been available to students taking courses in-person.

We also plan to include classes in the following languages very soon: English, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian.

With multi-lingual instructors, Princeton Academy of Art is able to offer a comprehensive and international distance learning experience. Our student portal allows students and instructors to translate the entire portal to their desired 1st language. All instructional videos will have subtitles available in these 4 languages.

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Princeton Academy of Art will be offering promotional pricing to new students during this difficult time.

When new students sign up for one online course, they are automatically able to choose another course of equal value to enroll in at no extra charge. This promotion can be used only once.

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NEW “SPECIAL” COURSES – Prices vary from course to course.


  1. Email “info@princetonacademyofart.com” indicating your desired courses as well as any questions or concerns you may have.
  2. You will receive a secure registration form to complete through Adobe Fill & Sign. This document will indicate whether you would like to pay in full through Paypal or use a recurring monthly payment option.
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Portrait Painting – Anna Neis


10:30am-1:30pm EST

Language(s): English, Russian*

Portrait painting is an intensive program designed to provide a comprehensive grasp of the structure, resemblance and essence of the sitter. We focus on the anatomical proportions, volume, and scale of the subject. Students will use chiaroscuro, sfumato and other light modeling techniques.

This online course will consist of step by step instructional videos, at-home assignments and live Zoom video meetings.

Landscape Painting – Anna Neis

10:30am-1:30pm EST

Language(s): English, Russian*

In this course, students get familiar with the classical landscape. The aesthetic ideals of historic landscape are explored through master copies, exercises and long-term pieces to enhance students understanding of help composition, atmosphere, and value.

This online course will consist of step by step instructional videos, at-home assignments and live Zoom video meetings.

Cast Drawing – Aleksandr Budayev


10:30am-1:30pm EST

Language(s): English, Russian*

This course teaches a tactile approach to drawing. Tactile drawing provides students with the tools to build strong perceptual and analytical skills. Understanding line, value, shape, volume, texture and light is crucial to developing accurate spatial relationships and creates concrete building blocks for assessing form.

This online course will consist of step by step assignments and live Zoom video meetings for lectures and critiques.

Still Life Drawing – Aleksandr Budayev


2:00pm-5:00pm EST

Language(s): English, Russian*

This course consists of a collection of still life themed projects based in structural/tactile approaches to drawing.

Students will learn to compose and execute still life drawings that display a strong understanding of their understanding of space and perspective.

This online course will consist of step by step assignments and live Zoom video meetings for lectures and critiques.


Russian Academic Drawing – James Sondow


10:30am-1:30pm EST

Language: English, Russian*

The students will draw a series of assignments varying from geometric shapes, plaster casts of ancient portraits and master works. Each class begins with an exploration of masterworks with slides and lectures to draw the students’ attention to drawing techniques, anatomical structures, and compositional decisions, to inform the days drafting.

Figure Painting – Anna Neis


10:30am-1:30pm EST

Language: English, Russian*

In this course, students will work from both master works and from our collection of photographs. Working from step by step examples and meeting live on Zoom, students will learn basic human anatomy, principles of light and shadow, various types of perspective, hues and temperature.

The skills learned in this course can be applied to drawings in the future.


Princeton Academy of Art offers online courses for both children and teens as well. Students gain access to their respective student portals where class documents are stored and Zoom meeting links are posted.

By joining our online Academy, for their time enrolled, students have access to amazing resources such as step by step videos, downloadable reference photos and bonus art history documents!

We meet on Zoom each week for lectures and to discuss homework assignments.

*Age restrictions apply for children & teen classes. Please email ” info@princetonacademyofart.com ” to register

Spring semester portfolio prep and pre-academy (PRECAD) classes run until the end of June. Summer courses begin in July.




10:30am-1:30pm EST




2:00pm-5:00pm EST




10:30am-1:30pm EST




2:00pm-5:00pm EST



6 SESSIONS – Friday 10:30am-4:30pm EST

May 22nd – June 26th

Language: English

Working from a combination of master works and anatomical reference images along with instructor’s live demos on Zoom, students will create a 15-inch female figure.

Each class begins with a slide lecture focusing students’ attention on specific aspects of constructive anatomy in pursuit of large architectonic planes that unify, simplify, and create compositional rhythm to their sculpture.

Students will be guided in proportion, weight, and gesture, from the early armature stages and through the application of oil clay (plasticine) which will not harden, dry, or create any dust, and so can be worked easily at the students’ convenience, both in and outside of class without the need of spraying or wrapping.

During each 5-hour class the professor will give specific one-on-one ongoing verbal and visual critiques by drawing anatomical schematics on images of the students’ sculpture from various angles and comparing them to the master work. Students can use these personalized guides until they are ready for more feedback. Special attention will be given to composition.

A native New Yorker, James was first introduced to figurative drawing in his teens at the Art Students’ League and Hunter College High School. After graduating from Oberlin College in 1996, James taught art for the next decade at the Rubin Museum, Saint Ann’s School, and various public schools while refining his craft, studying life drawing, painting, and sculpture at Pratt, SVA, and the Art Students’ League. In 2003, he began his classical training in the Russian academic method at Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in New York City. Two years of intensive summer study at Russia’s premier art academy, the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture, cemented James’ affinity for their thorough program and their strict teaching methodology. Relocating to St. Petersburg from 2007 to 2012, James became the first American accepted to the Repin Institute’s sculpture department in over 20 years. After a three-year hiatus, in which he taught sculpture and drawing at the Beaux-Arts Academy in New York and Rome, he returned to the Repin Academy in Russia from 2015-2017 to become the only American to graduate with highest honors and be offered a solo show at the Academy. He has exhibited both drawing and sculpture in New York City and St. Petersburg and received various awards including the Gloria Medal at the National Sculpture Competition held at the New York Academy of Art.

***Supplies are not included, but there is a suggested supply list that can be purchased through the link below***


$675 $475


Basic Human Anatomy I – Roberto Osti

4 Sessions


10:30am – 12:30pm EST

MAY 22nd – JUNE 12th

Language(s): English, Italian*

In this course, you will learn the basics human proportions and how to simplify the skeleton.

“Basic Human Anatomy I” is the first workshop in a series of 3 totaling the equivalent of 10 weeks of study. Each workshop will offer the students complete access to the fundamental elements of anatomy with anatomist, artist and author, Roberto Osti. A thorough understanding of anatomy is essential for an artist that is interested in drawing the human figure.

The topics covered will include skeletal structure and muscular structures in detail, proportions and proportional relationships of the body and essential drawing techniques used in figure drawing.

The content of each course is delivered both synchronously and asynchronously.

For the asynchronous part of the course, students will have access each week to one or more videos where Roberto will discuss and demonstrate a specific topic. These videos will be accessible for the duration of the course.

The synchronous part of the course will be held on Fridays from 10:30am to 12:30pm. During these live Zoom meetings Roberto will prepare demonstrations, answer questions and give in-depth critiques. Students will practice copying from the demonstrations in his videos, the Zoom sessions and specific exercises that will be assigned weekly.

This course is based on his book “Basic Human Anatomy”, published by The Monacelli press, that the students will need to purchase for the course. The book can be ordered at Amazon or any other major bookseller.

Whether you are taking 1 workshop, or all 3, the following supplies are required…

TEXTS: “Basic Human Anatomy”, Roberto Osti


  • Graphite pencils in H, HB 2B
  • Colored pencils in earth red (indian, pompeian, venetian or english red are all good) BRAND SUGGESTION: Caran D’Ache, Faber Castell & Derwent.
  • Erasers: Staedtler and your preferred brand of kneaded eraser.
  • High quality pencil sharpener or blade if you prefer that.
  • A pad of drawing paper

BRAND SUGGESTION: Canson or Strathmore.

  • OPTIONAL BUT SUGGESTED: Sketchbook for taking notes

This online course will consist of pre-recorded instructional videos, at-home assignments and live Zoom video meetings for further discussion and critique.


*DRAWING MASTERCLASS: Analysis of Double Figure Drawing – Gilberto Geraldo

Language: Russian with English Translator

*Alla Prima Still Life Painting Gilberto Geraldo

Language: Russian, Portuguese (Brazil)