Classical Art Education: Princeton's First Fine Art Academy

Princeton Academy of Art (PAA) is a premier classical art school that offers a rigorous and comprehensive education in the visual arts. Located in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, the academy is the first of its kind situated in this renowned academic epicenter. It boasts a distinguished faculty of professional artists dedicated to teaching and mentoring the next generation of creative talent at all ages and levels.

The academy’s curriculum is rooted in the classical tradition, strongly emphasizing constructive drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Students at the academy benefit from small class sizes, college-level learning, and a supportive community of fellow artists. Whether you are just starting your artistic journey or looking to take your skills to refine your technical understanding of design, Princeton Academy of Art is an exceptional place to learn, grow, and thrive.



Princeton Academy of Art offers adult students a wide range of fine art courses in the disciplines of painting, drawing, and sculpture. Students can expect to be taught by experienced instructors who provide in-depth guidance in a museum-like setting.

At PAA, students immerse themselves in a balanced blend of creativity, innovation, and community.

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Cast Drawing


Portrait Painting


Princeton Academy of Art guides students at all stages of learning. Our program for children, PRECAD (ages 7-14) focuses on the fundamentals of drawing and painting through the classical tradition. Students learn about art history, the principles of composition, accurate proportions, shading, color theory, and more, all while fine-tuning their graphomotor skills. This course prepares them for upper-level PAA youth courses such as College Portfolio Preparation (ages 15+), where they work to develop a cohesive body of work that showcases their talent, creativity, and individuality.


PRECAD Student (14)


Portfolio Prep Student (Senior)


PAA workshops are designed for students interested in developing their skills but may not have the time or availability to commit to a long-term program. Workshops range from 2 – 10 days and cover various classical and contemporary topics. View our workshops course catalog below to learn more or register today


Plate Drawing Workshop


Cast Drawing Workshop


Single Artwork Critique

$75 per critique

This option allows you to have a single artwork critiqued by a professional academy-trained artist who will provide a focused and detailed analysis of your work. It offers an opportunity to receive specific feedback and insights to help you improve your current piece and to suggest changes in creation habits that inhibit your progress. You will receive a two-paragraph written analysis sent directly to your email. Single artwork critiques are processed and emailed out within three business days.

  • 1 artwork maximum


PowerPoint Critiques

$100 per critique

With this option, you can submit up to five artworks for critique, and the feedback will be provided in a PowerPoint format. This option is suitable for artists who wish to receive feedback on multiple pieces and prefer a visual presentation of the critique. The PowerPoint format allows for a structured analysis of each artwork, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.


  • 5 artworks maximum
  • Critique via PowerPoint. Each image has its own slide and is annotated with text and necessary revisions via highlighted lines.
  • Critiques are completed by PAA’s highly qualified faculty and staff. If you want to select a specific instructor, you may do so while checking out.


Voice Over Critiques

$200 per critique

This option offers a comprehensive critique of your artwork in the form of voiced video slides. An Academy instructor will review your artwork while providing commentary and analysis in an organic way. The benefit of this option is that you can listen to the instructor’s insights and observations directly, adding a personal touch to the feedback process. It allows for a more dynamic and engaging critique experience and may include the introduction of artworks from history that will assist your current works.

  • 10 artworks maximum
  • Artworks annotated with text and necessary revisions via highlighted lines and animated lines
  • *Voice-over video with examples from art history as references for improvement
  • Critiques are completed by PAA’s highly qualified faculty and staff. If you want to select a specific instructor, you may do so while checking out.

*Voices are masked for privacy purposes


In-person Portfolio Reviews

$400 per review

For artists seeking a more immersive and interactive critique experience, the in-person option is available. With this option, you can schedule a 45-60 minute session with a professional art critic at Princeton Academy of Art. During the session, you can discuss your artwork in detail, ask questions, and receive feedback in real-time. This option allows for a direct and personalized dialogue with the critic, allowing for a deeper understanding of your work.

Contact us directly at “” to schedule an in-person critique.


  • 10 artworks maximum


  • Kate Faas
  • Eileen K-M
  • Irene
  • Jessica McConnell

"I studied here after school for many years and I absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful, with just the right amount of interaction with instructors and fellow students. Anyone interested in learning art can thrive here, regardless of level or background. "

Kate Faas

"I've been studying at Princeton Academy of Art for two years and have been amazed at the progress I've seen in my classmates' and my own artistic skills. The key difference between Princeton Academy of Art and other, more casual, art classes is that they teach us how to think as artists. If you've ever had the experience of creating a painting or drawing and thinking, "This doesn't work, but I don't know why," the Princeton Academy of Art could be the answer for you. Princeton Academy of Art teaches the foundational skills, strategies, and approaches that contemporary artists need to create compelling representational art. "

Eileen Kennedy-Moore

"My name is Irene Feng, an undergraduate student studying fashion management at Cornell University. Although I was exposed to art at a young age, Anna was truly the one who fostered my interest and gave me systematic training in both classical and contemporary art. Throughout the five years of knowing Anna, I found her to be warm and easy to talk to. In the art-making process, I would come up with an idea, and she would immediately understand and guide me to reflect it in my art. This was especially helpful when building my portfolio for college application – you would really need someone with who you connect and trust. I feel at ease when I am working in the studio. The atmosphere is different from other studios that I’ve been to. Something about the smell or the interior makes me want to just sit down and produce. I was surrounded by teachers who are masters in their own style and students ranging from kids to seniors who share the same passion for art as I do. Until today, I am still in contact with friends I made in the studio."

Irene Feng
Cornell University '24
“I’m an artist that was looking to attend a workshop or two at the academy. After a single workshop, I was hooked. The Russian academic approach that Princeton Academy of Art follows is so refreshing and lively. I learned how to analyze form from the inside out instead of only seeing form tonally. It was an eye-opening experience and I feel I can use what I’ve learned prior in conjunction with these new skills and really improve my work. I will definitely be back!”"Jessica McConnell



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