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At PAA, our curriculum honors the rich legacy of the classical period, drawing upon the esteemed Russian academic tradition, as well as the influential curricula of the Italian and French Academies. This melding of time-honored approaches instills in our students a strong grasp of technique and structure while simultaneously nurturing creativity as they advance through the program. PAA’s skilled instructors dispel ambiguity, providing students with tangible tools to ensure their artistic success.

A thorough technical education, enriched by a deep understanding of art history, mythology, and theory, lays the groundwork for students to become accomplished contemporary artists.

Our full-time study experience delves into the essential components of contemporary realism. Princeton Academy of Art is a conduit to classical knowledge and a wealth of resources for its students.

We offer programs that support artists at the outset of their journeys and professionals seeking to refine their craft. Our diverse community includes classical artists, tattoo artists, psychologists, biochemists, architects, and recent high school graduates, among others. Bound together by their studies at the Academy, they discover new perspectives on art and the world around them.

TUITION: $12,500.00


  • No additional model fees
  • Discount on visiting artist workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in group shows both at the Academy and off-site galleries
  • Networking opportunities with gallerists, collectors, museum curators, and world-renowned artists.


Additional Benefits for Full-Time Students Only:

  • Access to Princeton University’s Marquand Library. PAA will arrange for a guest library card to be made. This $300+ value is included in your tuition price. *COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY. We will keep full-time students updated on the level of access allowed during the pandemic.
  • Night class access at no additional charge.
  • Select access to pre-recorded materials. Materials available will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Director and Operations Manager.


Returning students MUST request their registration forms each year via email… “”

Admissions Process (full-time program) – Rolling

Applications for the 2023-2024 academic year full-time program are accepted year-round though we advise you to apply by May 15th of the current year to ensure enough time to process your application.

Part-time students are not required to submit an application but are encouraged to do so in order to provide the Academy with more information about themselves and their goals as artists.

Application Request & Submission

Please contact us directly at ” ” to request your online application link.

We do not offer or accept mail-in applications.

What to Expect Within the Application

  • General Information
  • Statement of Intent
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (one by a previous fine art teacher and one by an additional teacher, colleague, friend, or family member.)


    • *Recommenders must email their letters directly to “”. DO NOT upload letters of recommendation within your application. Please follow the instructions below. Within your application, please upload two separate .pdf OR .docx files with the following information about your recommender. One file PER recommender:
      • FULL NAME
      • POSITION
      • ADDRESS
  • A minimum of 10-15 images of works of art you’ve created that include both drawing and painting (oil or gouache), preferably displaying your understanding of still life (and/or cast drawing), figurative subjects, and landscape.
  • *OPTIONAL: A minute-long introductory video shared with ”” via YouTube or Vimeo link.

Notification of Submission, Processing Time & Scheduled Interview

When you have submitted your application, please notify “” by email. Prior to acceptance, you will be required to schedule an introductory interview with the Operations Manager or Executive Director.

Acceptance & Admission to PAA

After you receive official acceptance based on your application materials, PAA will send all necessary registration information to you via the digital form to the email address you provide. Upon completing this form, a non-refundable deposit for the upcoming year will be required to finalize the admissions process (details will be shared with you during your interview).

Please give yourself ample time to secure housing in Princeton. Princeton Academy of Art is not responsible for assigning housing to incoming students.


Princeton Academy of Art presents flexible part-time study options, catering to individuals with intricate weekly schedules. We acknowledge that students commence their journeys at various life stages, and not all can embrace our full-time study opportunity.

Our part-time alternatives enable students to concentrate on one or multiple areas of study throughout a semester or a year. Numerous combinations are available, tailored to accommodate busy schedules.

Part-time signifies any study frequency less than five days per week, such as:

  • Enrolling in Monday’s Portrait Painting and Composition Course
  • Enrolling in Monday’s Portrait Painting and Composition Course & Wednesday’s Cast Drawing Course
  • Enrolling in Monday’s Portrait Painting and Composition Course, Thursday’s Figure Drawing Course, and Friday’s Sculpture Course

Part-Time Day Courses (10:30 am – 5:00 pm):

Online availability – course restrictions apply.

Part-Time Night Courses (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm):

Night classes offer a shorter time commitment while maintaining the profound curricula found in PAA’s day courses. All night classes commence at 7:00 pm.


Visiting Artist Workshops:

Online Available

Another option for those who do not have the time for full commitment is to participate in our various visiting artist workshops. We bring the highest level of instruction possible to not only our full time and part time students, but also those who attend workshops. By inviting artists nationally and internationally known, we provide a unique opportunity to study with a diverse group of masters in drawing, painting and sculpture whose instruction is otherwise unattainable.

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