Community Partners

The Children Heritage Foundation

Princeton, NJ

The Children Heritage Foundation (tCHF) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the education and development of Haiti youth. tCHF’s goal is to help enhance the lives of the young people in Haiti by providing access to education…not charity. Since its inception, tCHF has supported educational activities in Porte-au-Prince and Les Cayes at both the elementary school and college levels.

Princeton Academy of Art works in collaboration with tCHF to provide volunteer artist services that aid their fundraising campaigns. These services have included several illustration commissions for fables sold to raise money for providing education opportunities for the children of Haiti.


Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

Trenton, NJ

Academic Community Impact Program

Thomas Edison State University’s new Academic Community Impact Program is an innovative project-based initiative that bridges the gap between online education and real-life workplace experience while affording adult students with the opportunity to complete a hands-on project that directly meets the vital needs of community-based nonprofit organizations.

Thanks to generous funding from a Provident Bank Foundation Signature Grant, the University will work with nonprofits to develop a needs assessment and target unique projects that organizations need help with. These projects can range from website redesigns, strategic outreach enhancements, underserved population research, and much more. At the end of each project, participating nonprofits will have fulfilled an important strategic and critical need.

The adult learners of Thomas Edison State University will be working with participating nonprofits and engaging in these projects directly with a mentor who will provide the academic expertise to successfully guide students through their projects. Following the successful completion of their projects, students will have a portfolio and a tangible project that they can share with future employers and use as a tool for their career growth.

Thomas Edison State University’s new Academic Community Impact Program will greatly strengthen the bonds that tie communities, people, nonprofit organizations, and institutions of higher education together.

If you are interested in becoming a participating student or community partner in the program, contact Daniel Fidalgo Tomé, EdD, Community Engagement program manager, by emailing or call 609-984-1120, ext. 2315.

Learn more about PAA’s specific involvement via the link below…

Professional Development

Tom Breithaupt, D.M.D.

Princeton, NJ

Princeton Academy of Art has partnered with Dr. Breithaupt to provide cross-informational programming for both his patients and our students.

The office of Tom Breithaupt, D.M.D, proudly serves patients in the Princeton, New Jersey, area and neighboring towns. Regular checkups and cleanings, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. This includes root canal therapy, bleaching, implant dentistry, porcelain fillings, and complete and partial removable dentures.

Students study intricate models made in the office of Dr. Breithaupt to better understand the human skull and, more specifically, the teeth. Students interested in medical illustration are invited to shadow Dr. Breithaupt for select procedures when available to study bone structure, tools, and methodology in-person.


The Compleat Sculptor

New York, NY

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. is one of the largest sculpture suppliers in the world and is one of PAA’s main resources for sculpture materials.


“Over the years, TCS has expanded into so many more industries than ever imagined. Many creative people are employed in creative industries, including set design, toy prototyping, movie special effects, museum displays, restoration and renovation, interior design, tv props, and even the military. Accompanying our increasing customer base is our increased stock and acquisition of new and interesting products. We will continue to provide you with the best possible product selection and service. And it all began in 1995 with the following story. For years, my mother, who is a sculptor, had been complaining that she had no place to get good quality stone, no place that offered a complete line of tools and supplies, and no place that understood the needs of sculptors. Because I wanted to make my mother happy, I created that place — The Compleat Sculptor. Having grown up in close contact with many artists, I have come to understand how difficult and demanding the creative process can be. I also know how frustrating it is to have that process needlessly complicated by a lack of access to the proper tools or materials and by having to spend endless amounts of time trying to arrange all of the details that go into a finished sculpture. That is why I have created The Compleat Sculptor — to supply you with as complete a line of services as possible and to assist you in the creating of your sculpture. TCS not only furnishes you with the highest quality sculpture media (stone, clay, wax, etc.) and the highest quality tools, but we also offer a complete line of support services. For stone sculptors, we offer finishing and to polish; for clay sculptors, firing; for bronze casters, foundry services through affiliated foundries. Once your sculpture is completed, we will mount it to your specifications, build you a pedestal or base (either custom or stock), photograph your piece if you desire, and finally ship it anywhere in the world. And, because my mother insists, all of our supplies and services are tested and approved by our Sculptor Advisory Board. For the same reason, our customer service department is manned by people who are not only knowledgeable about our products and services but who also have personal experience as sculptors.

This is why we feel that we can truly say: “You supply the talent… We’ll supply the rest.”
We look forward to working with you. ”

Marc Fields, COO”

Trusted Materials