Kelsey Doherty


Now based in Bucks County, PA, Kelsey Doherty joined the Academy in 2018 as its first social media intern and youth programs instructor. Following her internship, she assumed the role of Operations Manager and PRECAD Program Coordinator/Instructor. Kelsey is dedicated to fostering technical skill, creativity, and a deep appreciation of art history in her young students.

"Contemporary higher education often assumes students have technical training in core design principles, which more often than not, is not the case. Few elementary, middle, and high schools offer a comprehensive arts education. As an instructor, my goal is to provide young students with the tools I lacked at their age, fostering a foundation that improves their abilities and prepares them to excel professionally. Our approach ensures students master advanced design principles, helping them to see the world through a structural lens as they grow. We teach students how to see, and that is invaluable."

Her current artwork combines classical design, functional elements, and the sea, exploring modern society's connection to the past through the art and design of ancient civilizations, oral histories, and contemporary traditions. She works in both 2-D and 3-D media, focusing on painting and functional ceramics.