“My name is Irene Feng, an undergraduate student studying fashion management at Cornell University. Although I was exposed to art at a young age, Anna was truly the one who fostered my interest and gave me systematic training in both classical and contemporary art. Throughout the five years of knowing Anna, I found her to be warm and easy to talk to. In the art-making process, I would come up with an idea, and she would immediately understand and guide me to reflect it in my art. This was especially helpful when building my portfolio for college application – you would really need someone with who you connect and trust. I feel at ease when I am working in the studio. The atmosphere is different from other studios that I’ve been to. Something about the smell or the interior makes me want to just sit down and produce. I was surrounded by teachers who are masters in their own style and students ranging from kids to seniors who share the same passion for art as I do. Until today, I am still in contact with friends I made in the studio.”